Our Philosophy

Global Fusion specifically designs it's solutions to meet the core client business objectives.

We believe that for too long small to medium businesses have had to endure overpriced, ineffective and non-functional business technology. Coming from small business backgrounds ourselves, we have developed Global Fusion as an Affordable, Innovative and Integrated marketing and technology business.


We tailor a job to your needs and objectives within the parameters you define.

  • Because we keep our overheads low through strategic alliances, we can pass that competitive advantage on to you!

Global Fusion recognises all businesses need to keep control of cashflow hence we offer staggered payment instalment options and a hosted applications business model (rental applications) to more appropriately match cashflow inflow against the respective cash outflows.


We take the secrets of marketing and web-enablement used by big business and bring them to you!

  • Because we at Global Fusion are at the cutting edge of marketing, design and web-enablement we combine to form a unique and highly skilled unit.
  • Because we are determined to provide the very best solution!


Any valuable business technology tool is one which seamlessly integrates your internal business systems and enables increased interactivity with key business user groups.

  • Because any online business activity is supported and enhanced by the offline business strategy. This balanced strategy drives traffic, creates brand awareness and ensures brand continuity.
  • Because a good website should be so much more than online brochure!

Our product set enables your site to be a one-to-one marketing tool, a payment portal, a customer relations management tool and ultimately the website acts as an interface between the business and all the key user groups (management, employees, suppliers, agents, customers etc.